Cycle 6


Layla Payman (’23) documenting the Lower River Retreat (Digital)

Juliet Suess

LiFe Advice with Leo and Fallon !

Would you recommend using the given Harvard Westlake Planner, your own planner, or do we not really need a planner at all? Does homework/scheduling get tougher later in the year or does it stay at this level? Thank you! (’25)

Leo: I have not used a planner since fourth grade. I mean, it might seem from that one sentence that I neglect my assigned schoolwork and responsibilities. The truth is, I actually have retained pretty good grades since fourth grade. I also can’t remember a time that I forgot to finish a homework assignment. I always just thought that going to the Hub every night and mentally checking off all my work from each class was easier. By this point, my method is pretty sunken into my nightly routine, and I continue to be satisfied with the results!

Fallon: I use a planner religiously, and happen to enjoy my results as well. As the months go on, developing a homework routine will be the key to your success. You will receive more and more work throughout the cycles, and you’ve got to stay on top of it in order to get the results you want. I prefer writing my work and being able to have the satisfaction of checking it off, but there are plenty of ways you can stay organized. There are online homework trackers, the IPhone’s reminders app, the HW planner, and, like Leo said, the Hub.

Don’t worry! Alyssa Thompson (’23) and friends filmed this during 9th period!

HW Halloween Costumes!

Stay spooky and abide by the dress code!

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