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LA Kings: The Dynasty Continues

Many know of the dynasty that the LA Kings have created over the last couple of years. Los Angeles is filled with sports teams, but the Kings stand out among all of them. Known for recently winning in the Stanley Cup in 2012 and 2014 and the energetic crowd that fills the stadium at all of their games, the Kings have made reputation as ruthless players that will come to the game to play, competing hard against any team they play, worse or better.

The LA Kings are currently the lowest ranked team in the Pacific Division. They have 12 wins and 20 losses this season. The Kings have had a rough past and present, not winning any Stanley Cups until the 2010’s, but they have been working hard every day, every week, every year to become the best team in the NHL. They have been bringing in players like Drew Doughty and have kept amazing players like Anze Kopitar. These players are the most well known players on the Kings, and they are for good reason. Every time they step onto the rink they show how much dedication they have for this game out for this game. They play with tenacity and vigor every game. Them two have contributed so much, and will go down in history as some of the best to ever play for the Kings.

I went to the game on the Nov. 24 where they played the Vancouver Canucks. As we arrived, around 30 minutes before the game, the stadium looked as if it was half empty. After leaving and getting food, we came back right before the game to a full and energetic stadium ready to take the win. The energy bouncing off everyone in the stadium filled the Canucks with fear and the Kings with intensity and strength. As the the Kings entered the rink, a loud bell sounded and the crowd went wild. The almost deafening cheering from the fans bounced of the walls and reverberated through the stadium. Even through all of the warmups, the crowd kept cheering for their Kings.

As the game was coming to a start, the crowd fell silent for the Kings intro video. The booming sound echoed throughout the stadium as the video becoming riled up. The intermediate between the video and the start of the game was the music slowly increasing in volume and finally, the sound of the Kings bell, a deafening sound that resembles a very large truck. Hockey reaches its pinnacle with the Kings.

Throughout the game, you can feel the pure force the fans brought into the Kings. All the fans at the game were there for one reason, to see the Kings beat the Canucks. The chant “Go Kings Go” is shouted by every Kings fan in the crowd. Though I’m not a Kings fan nor do I follow hockey, I could not help but be engulfed in the moment with the other fans and start chanting.

As the game came to an end, though the Kings lost, their spirit still remained in the arena. Their loss was just fuel they would will use to become a greater team. Through the opposition they have faced and the opposition they will continue to face, they will prevail and remain one of the greatest NHL teams of all time.


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