Science department undergoes CPR training


Juliet Suess

By Laura Kors ’21
Science department members are receiving additional CPR and First Aid training from Community Health Officer Milo Sini. They met in SE101 during their department meeting on Tuesday and will meet again on Wednesday to reinforce their First Aid and CPR training in a smaller group. They will also get certified online.
β€œI think it is important for everyone to receive CPR training , especially if you are in a school environment because we are the adults here and if anything ever happens in an emergency to kids or any other adult, then there is somebody on hand to help,” science teacher Daniella Ellingson said.
Although the entire faculty was trained and certified at the beginning of the year in a larger group, the science department will go through the process again because of the increased risk involved in lab activities.
β€œIn science we probably use the first aid kits more than [other departments] because we have a lot of glassware. We have the lab facilities, so we deal with some cuts and scrapes a little more often,” Science Department Head Alex Ras said.