WERK empowers young women at HW


The WERK Club poses for a photo Credit: Jeanine Kim ’20/SPECTRUM

Juliet Suess

By: Jeanine Kim

The club poses for a photo at one of their meetings. Credit: Jeanine Kim’20/SPECTRUM

The Women’s Rights Empowerment Knowledge club (WERK) started in the middle of November, directly after the election results. Led by Emma Poveda ’20, Dahlia Low ’20 and Annabel Zimmer ’20 with the help of ninth grade dean, Karen Fukushima, the club’s founders encourage both young men and women to stand up for what they believe in and have their voices heard.
“With the current political atmosphere being so divisive, we believe that it’s now more important than ever before to have a space at this school where people can express themselves,” Low said.
One of the club’s goals is to raise both funds and awareness for social groups with the same ideology as its members. The club wants to address current major political and social issues and empower its members through discussion and action.
“I joined WERK because I felt that it was really important to have a unified club promoting women’s rights,” Rileigh Goldsmith ’20 said.
WERK meets every Friday in HC310 to discuss sexism in women’s daily lives, such as in the workplace or portrayal in media. The club, comprised of both boys and girls, discusses current issues and comes up with possible solutions to combat sexism for women of all races. Members are encouraged to do all they can, including putting up posters around campus or emailing local politicians.
“It is important that clubs such as WERK exist because it helps spark an interest for equality and social justice in young adults so they will then carry this with them as they travel through their lifetime,” Poveda said.