Eighth graders travel to Catalina

By Lauren Cho ’21

Eighth grade students travelled to Catalina Island for their annual retreat trip. Students who went on the trip were placed in groups of eight with a naturalist and a teacher chaperone.

This year, there was a change in retreat venues, so some eighth graders had the chance to visit Catalina twice. Students who attended both Catalina trips said that the second time strengthened their relationships.

“This year’s trip was different because it helped us bond even more closely with our friends, since we knew people in our grade unlike last year,” Mark Cho ’22 said.

Students participated in activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and hiking. The days ended with evening programs, which included campfires and games. Students spent the trip enjoying different water activities.

Eighth grade dean trip chaperone, Matthew Cutler said that his first time in Catalina with the school was a great experience.

“It’s like summer camp in a sense that you go back to the same place, you do the same activities, but it’s always a fun time,” Cutler said.

Students said a highlight of this trip was being able to interact with teachers and friends outside of school.

“It was a different experience than seeing all my teachers and friends in class,” Cho said.



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