Wolverscreens are placed around campus

By Keira Jameson ’22

Four television screens, dubbed the Wolverscreens, have been installed on campus to project announcements and times between classes.

Previously, there were only about two or three television screens around campus.  However, because of the popularity of the screens, the school decided to increase the number of the TVs and come up with a name.

For example, every screen shows how much time is left in the period and what time the next period starts.

Students spoke about the appeal of the screens.

“I love the Wolverscreens!  They help me with time management, and they help me get to class on time,” Ally White ’22 said.

Another beneficial piece of information that is projected on the Wolverscreens is important news from the Daily Bulletin.  Often students in all grades are not able to check the Bulletin, but the screens project announcements and news of upcoming events.

Upon their arrival on campus, new information was added to the circulation of the slideshow on the screens, and Wolverscreen content changes on a consistent basis.

“I found that I am more likely to participate in campus events.  I like that [the Wolverscreens] connect the on-campus community,” librarian Elaine Levia said.


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