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Who is in the room with black dog?

Meet Director of Student Affairs Keith Jordan
Simren Bindra ’27
Snoopy stands guard outside Hazy 218, the community service classroom and Director of Student Affairs Keith Jordan’s office.
Head of Student Affairs Keith Jordan (Ben Sonneborn ’27)

To you, Director of Student Affairs Keith Jordan may be the guy who’s in the room with the black dog, or the person who helps you get your club running, but he does a lot more than that.
“Mr. Jordan has been the person who has helped me the most at Harvard-Westlake and in my opinion he is the most important teacher for all of the students,” Kaison Maruyama ’27 said. Maruyama was a senator the past two years and has been in Jordan’s student leadership class.
“A lot of what I do is sort of behind the scenes, especially when it comes to things like community service programming and figuring out all that kind of stuff and helping everybody get their hours done,” Jordan said
This is Jordan’s sixteenth year at the school and every year he helps more than 700 students get their community and school service done.
“This year for me actually feels more like an old school school year, right”, Jordan said. “We had so many years where everything felt new, you know, because of the pandemic and just like having to find new ways to adapt and do things and this year has felt much more like Oh, this feels like the more traditional HW experience.”
Even for someone like Jordan, COVID-19 was a new experience for him, and hopefully the last.
“Just get your service done,” Jordan said

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About the Contributors
Ben Sonneborn '27, Reporter
Ben Sonneborn '27 is a first year reporter for the Spectrum.  “I was inspired by my mom who was a journalist and editor for the LA Times,” Sonneborn said. He was inspired to join HW media because of his interest in broadcasting and listening to sport talk radio. His favorite part of reporting is being able to report on current events.  He enjoys the process of interviewing people and writing about new information. For him, being active and knowing what's going on in the world is a valuable aspect of reporting. In the future, Sonneborn hopes to do broadcasting. 
Simren Bindra ’27 is a first-year Spectrum reporter. Bindra is motivated by the aspiration to delve deeper and write about people and events that are in our school community. She’s heavily motivated by self-improvement and always strives to be a better version of herself, both for those who are close to her and those who she might be meeting for the first time. “You want to hear their side of the story. And I think it's important that you let people talk rather than doing the talking,” Bindra said. Her aspirations as a future marine biologist have also contributed to her fascination in media, making her feel a need to dig deeper into topics and ask herself various questions. In addition, she frequently explores the natural parts of the world on various trips with her family. She has been doing many different sports for various amounts of time, and has frequently excelled above her teammates, yet shown great compassion for her competitors.
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