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Eighth Grade Advice

Eden Conner | June 6, 2021

Are you ready for eighth grade? As someone going into ninth grade, stressed about the pressure of high school, I know going into a new grade can be a scary experience.Every year, right before school starts...

An Insight on How New Seventh Graders are Adjusting to HW

Ellie Koo | October 6, 2020

For Harvard-Westlake (HW), though the 2020-2021 school year brings unprecedented change to everyone in our community, no one has to adapt more than the new seventh graders, who are starting middle school,...

Q&A Advice Column

Amelia Scharff | February 5, 2019

Dear Q&A, It's too cold in the morning to wear shorts, but after PE it's too hot to wear pants. What do I do? Please help.Q: Hi. I totally understand what you are going through. When the weather changes...

Q&A Advice Column

Amelia Scharff | November 29, 2018

Dear Q&A,I have a lot of friends, but I always feel lonely.Q: Hello! I'm very sorry you feel lonely. Feeling lonely is very normal. I have experienced loneliness before, so I understand how you are...

Q&A Advice Column

Amelia Scharff | November 4, 2018

Dear Q&A,How can I meet more of the new 9th graders in a friendly but not weird way if I don't have classes with any of them?! Lol. Also do we have a 9th grade dance this year?Q: Hey! It can definitely...

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