Player Spotlight: Collin Bunnak

Collin Bunnak ’27 on the boy’s volleyball team. He has been playing for nearly three years now and his passion for the sport is growing and growing.

He first was introduced to the game at summer camp. As well as playing for the school team, Bunnak plays on a club team outside of school. This allows him to work hard and hone his craft, as well as channel his passion even more. Bunnak loves the game. He can be seen around campus carrying around a volleyball and playing all the time. He is very excited about the upcoming season. He looks forward to making connections and bonding with his teammates and friends on the team. Bunnak plays whenever and wherever he can.

“I hope that we can win all of our games this year,” Bunnak said, “improve individually and as a team, and for nobody to get injured.”

He said he is ecstatic about the upcoming season. He loves the game and is very passionate. He hopes to continue with volleyball in the future.

“I want to continue to play in high school on varsity so that I can play in college,” Bunnak said.