Wolverweek 9/12


We lost two very important figures Thursday, Sept. 8.

Ted Walch
Archive photo

Ted Walch was a former upper school Performing Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies and Independent Research teacher who left an impact on the Harvard-Westlake (HW) community. Our school will forever be grateful for Walch’s passion and dedication towards each student that entered his classroom and heart.

Queen Elizabeth II’s passing impacted HW school from 5,500 miles away. Her majesty’s 70-year reign proved her unmatched level of determination and perseverance, a quality that is admired by millions of people across the globe.

Both of these influential and inspiring characters will forever be remembered. Please reach out if you need support.


  • Auditions for the middle school musical “Freaky Friday” are TODAY! Good luck to all! (We mean Break a Leg!)
  • The HW authentication system got a makeover….. Check it out when you log into your HW account.
  • Let your parents know… this Saturday is BACK TO SCHOOL DAY!


  • 9th Grade Field Hockey against Edison High School on Thursday!
  • Girls MS Tennis (Black) vs. Harvard-Westlake (Red) – Home game!
  • Girls MS Tennis (Black) vs. Harvard-Westlake (Red) – Away game!



“In class, I finished my paper early. So I told my teacher and he said I was good to go. I obviously took this sentence the wrong way because I packed my bag and walked out of the classroom only to see the whole class and my teacher staring at me. I wasn’t supposed to leave, class wasn’t over.”

“I was buying boba in the cafeteria when I accidentally dropped it and it splashed all over a group of teachers.”