Wolverweek 5/9



  • The dodgeball season is coming to a close! The All-Star game is Wed, May 11 and the Championship game will be Thur, May 12.
  • The Jacobson Cup is restarting! Fill out the google form Student Council if you have any ideas for the competition.
  • Flex Day is next Wednesday! Mark your calendars.


New York Times Games! Many of you may not know this, but all HW students have New York Times, WSJ, LA Times and many more newspaper subscriptions provided by the school. To access it, go to hw.com, then click library services, then online newspapers, or click this link.

Our personal favorite games are the spelling bee and the mini crossword!

liFE advice with Fiona and Eden

How should I deal with my girlfriend going to parties that I’m not invited to?

Honestly, this is one of our toughest advice questions. You have to take one of three routes. Either go to your own party and have a blast which will make you realize you can have fun on your own, stay home and stare at snap maps until they get home, or go on a jealous rampage and get into that party yourself because who needs an invite anyway. We highly recommend the first option but to each his own.