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wolverweek 4/11

News that’s on fire


We hope you had a great spring break everyone!!


  • Track meet against Alemany on Tuesday, April 12.
  • Beach Cleanup on Saturday, April 16. Details are in the bulletin (get those community service hours in people!)
  • Dodgeball is back and better than ever with key matches between Eggroll and Library as well as TRF and Boom Boom early in the week.
  • Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel was asked to leave his position over the weekend (about time).
  • Scottie Scheffler won the Masters! After dominating the weekend, he had a slight hiccup on the 18th hole, but pulled it together to win!

Game of the Week

This week’s game is an antique. A prehistoric, pre-internet game that can be played (when you’ve finished your work of course) in class when computers are not allowed. Hangman! Maybe if you’re extra studious make it education related or just put your friend’s crushes name who also happens to be in the class. Whatever you’re feeling at the moment.

liFe advice with Fi and E

I’ve been snapping with this guy for awhile and I want to know whether or not I should shoot my shot.

E: Ok, first things first. If this guy deserves a date, he better not be leaving you on delivered for extended periods of time. I want to see fast replies, saves in chats, maybe some filters. Snap Score is also an essential component of this decision. If it’s above 500,000 and you’re getting the “you’re the only person I talk to” messages, RUN. If he has ticked all the boxes so far, make sure he is an actual person first, maybe bring a friend along for safety reasons, and have fun with your new guy!

Fi: I have two differing opinions on this. If this is a random dude that added you by search that lives in Nebraska, I would advise you not to “shoot your shot” or hang out. As I’m sure you’ve heard from many of your teachers, meeting with a random person from the internet is not a good idea. However, If you have mutual friends with this special guy and know what school he goes to, I say YES! I would recommend hanging out with a group of friends the first time you meet him in person just to be safe. But absolutely, GO FOR IT!!!

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