wolverweek 2/21

News around the world and around campus


  • Early Thursday morning, Russia attacked Ukraine. They have dropped multiple bombs on the country. This action is one that many of us have never experienced in our lifetimes, and if you need to talk to anyone about the situation feel free to reach out to counselors, deans or trusted teachers.
  • In lighter news, dodgeball has begun at the middle school! Halpert’s Children won the play in games on Thursday.
  • The varsity basketball team plays Corona Centennial High School in the CIF Southern Section Championship on Friday. Shuttles will be available from the upper school to the game, but you must have tickets to attend! We would not want you to make the 2-hour drive for nothing.


Below are some articles to read to educate yourself on current events




New York Times


Washington Post Opinions

LiFE advice with Fiona and Eden

We didn’t have any messages this week, but we just wanted to say that we are here to support everyone through all that is happening. Stay strong and feel free to reach out with any comments or questions!