wolverweek 2/14

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Portland, OR, USA – Jan 14, 2022: A woman plays Wordle on its official website on her iPhone. The word game developed by Josh Wardle has become the most recent social media and pop culture phenomenon.


  • HW Annual Dodgeball tournament! Sign ups are due Thursday, Feb. 17.
  • Varsity Basketball Playoffs! Get your tickets to the big game against Sierra Canyon on Friday, Feb. 18.
  • 4 DAY R&R WEEKEND starts Friday!!!


I really like this girl, but she goes to Marlborough. I need advice on long distance relationships. Are they worth it?

FI: If you really like this girl, then I say wife her up! (not literally, of course). Although it may be difficult to maintain a relationship while at different schools, if you guys are truly dedicated to each other then everything should work out perfectly! Don’t settle for less than the best! In the wise words of ice hockey phenom, Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

E: Honestly just go for it. Grand gestures are an essential part of asking this girl out. A specific idea, for example, would be to ride into Marlborough on a mustang, the school’s mascot, of course. Maybe she plays ping pong, so you could gallop into the gym during her tournament and profess your love. They do wear uniforms, so make sure you are not knight-in-shining-armoring the wrong girl.


Getting bored of playing Tetris? Are the New York Times ridiculously hard new Wordle’s bringing you down? (I mean come on. AROMA? What even was that?) Let us introduce you to a nostalgic classic: Papa’s Freezeria! While we do not condone playing in the classroom, this game is a childhood classic.