wolverweek 2/7

Only 120 days until summer, guys! We can do it!


  • The Chamber Music and Solo Concert is on Sunday, Feb. 13 at noon!
  • Many spring teams have their first day of practice coming up, so check the bulletin!
  • Olympics Update: As of Thursday, Feb. 10, the US has won four Gold Medals in the Winter Olympics.


We unfortunately do not get school off the day after the Super Bowl, so Fiona and I want to apologize personally to all of the Bengals fans who have to attend school the day after losing (GO RAMS).

liFE advice from Fiona and Eden

I really like this girl but she’s taller than me and I don’t know if she’ll go out with me. What should I do?

Fi: Go for it! If you truly like a girl and feel like you would be a power couple, then why not!? There may be some haters out there that question your choices, but don’t let their negative opinions overpower your affection for this special lady! So don’t be shy! Shoot your shot! No regrets! And in the wise words of Eden Mahoney ’25, YOLO!!!

E: Short Kings rule! I can understand why this situation is tricky, but as long as your hoodie game is strong and you claim that your dad didn’t have his growth spurt until the summer after whatever grade you’re in, you have a real shot! At the end of the day, if this girl deserves all 5’5” of you, then your height should not be a deal breaker. You’ve got this, stand tall!! (as tall as you can, anyway).


We are truly in disbelief that an entire wolverweek hasn’t been dedicated to our favorite game: Wordle!


You can play every day and compete with friends and teachers. Seriously, it’s an addiction, but so worth the occasional pain of getting the word in more than four guesses.