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The Style and Fashion Trends of 2020- According to Harvard Westlake Middle School Students

Ellie Koo | January 15, 2021

Not only was 2020 a crazy year politically, socially and culturally, but in the fashion department, the year led to some unprecedented change in trends and styles. After a survey was sent to the Harvard...

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New Year’s Resolutions

Zoe Kramar | January 13, 2021

As we dive headfirst into 2021, millions of people all over the world are thinking about the New Year’s resolutions they plan to apply to their lives to improve their upcoming year. At Harvard-Westlake...

2020 Highlight Reel

2020 Highlight Reel

Eden Conner | January 13, 2021

The time on the upper right corner of my computer screen reads 11:59. I sit in bed, staring at a device that I have been more reliant on than anything this year. The seconds tick, carrying me farther and...

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Chadwick Boseman Dies at age 43

Piper Vita | November 18, 2020

No one knew anything until it happened, and that’s why it hurts the most. Chadwick Boseman, a 43-year-old African-American actor, and inspiration to thousands died on Aug 28th, shocking the Black...

We Need Younger Presidents

We Need Younger Presidents

Eden Conner | November 12, 2020

Note: This article was written before the election.Americans have had the phrase, “this election is unlike any other”, buzzing in their ears almost as loudly as the fly on Vice President Mike...

2020 Presidential Candidates, Joesph R. Biden, Jr. and Donald. J. Trump

2020 United States Presidential Election Background: A Look at What Matters

Owen Huang | November 12, 2020

With the United States nipping on the heels of its 2020 general election, all eyes are on the presidential race. Though there are many propositions, some crucial Senate races and all House contests to...

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