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MS Winter Concert : The Magic of Music

Harvard-Westlake (HW) Beginning Band, Concert Band, Beginning Strings, Concert Strings, Symphonic Band, and Middle School (MS) Symphony performed at the winter instrumental concert “The Magic of Music” on Friday, December 13. Performing arts teacher Starr Wayne conducted Beginning Band, Concert Band, and Symphonic band, while performing arts teacher Neli Nikolaeva conducted Beginning Strings and Concert

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Why Joker is a Must-See

After the much-anticipated film depicting the origin of the Prince of Crime, “Joker” it does not fail to shock the audience. Starring as the titular character, Joaquin Phoenix delivers a disturbingly profound performance, following comparable toHeath Ledger’s Oscar-winning 2008 role as the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s“Dark Night”. “Joker” director, Todd Phillips, paints the picture of an

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Chef Ludo Lefebvre creates unique atmosphere for french dining in LA

French Chef Ludo Lefebvre is known for his famous restaurant Trois Mec, but his smaller and more casual restaurant Petit Trois is an excellent, high-end French bistro masquerading as a simple lunch spot. Lefebvre’s Hollywood location opened in June 2014, but he has recently opened a larger, reservation-based location in Sherman Oaks. The food is

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