Author: Tessa Augsberger

Students organize mental health events in May

Harvard-Westlake (HW) students Kaelyn Choi ’22 and Spectrum staffer Kate Hassett ’22 organized mental health-related activities for students at the middle school campus throughout May’s Mental Health Awareness Month with faculty support from English and Communications teacher Juliet Suess and Psychologist Kelly Decker. Students played with puppies on the Commons May 23. Additionally, students partook

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Examining the effects of President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency

The House of Representatives voted to terminate President Trump’s declaration of a national state of emergency Feb. 26. The president had proclaimed a national state of emergency over issues related to illegal immigration at the border between the United States and Mexico during a press conference Feb. 15. The House, in which the Democrats hold

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United States government shuts down amidst border wall negotiations

The United States government was partially shut down after Congress and President Trump failed to reach an agreement on federal spending Dec. 22. The partial government shutdown is officially the longest in United States history. Now in its fourth week, the shutdown has impacted about 800,000 federal employees, furloughing 380,000 federal workers and 420,000 working

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Harvard-Westlake Ranks Second in the Best Private High Schools Nationwide

IN “DISCLAIMER” BOX – In order of significance (from most heavily weighted (30%) to least heavily weighted (10%)), Niche’s 2019 Best Private High Schools ranking is based upon the following: Student-reported composite SAT/ACT scores, college enrollment and matriculation, economic and racial diversity, parent-student surveys and student-teacher ratios. These statistics were obtained from the U.S. Department

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