Author: Quincey Dern

Eighth grade boy’s basketball ends after a season of hard work

The Harvard-Westlake (HW) eighth grade boy’s basketball team lost against Crossroads with a close score of 45 – 41. The starters were Hayden Suslow, Mathew Rideout, Jaden Bobb, Benson Fleischer, and Kai Faucher. They played with diligence and determination. Their strength as a team was shown by their effective passing. During the second quarter, this

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Tasting the difference: Does taste depend on water brand?

Bottled water is an extensive market. There are tons of different water brands out there and our cafeteria sells many of them. Spectrum surveyed students to find out what their thoughts are on different brands of water. With 184 responses, the most popular brands are Arrowhead, Fiji, evian, and smartwater. With 198 responses, 56.1 percent

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Q&A Advice Column

Dear Q&A, I have a lot of friends, but I always feel lonely. Q: Hello! I’m very sorry you feel lonely. Feeling lonely is very normal. I have experienced loneliness before, so I understand how you are feeling. It’s important you know what’s making you feel lonely. This way, you can recognize what is going

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