Author: Konnie Duan

LAHSO’s art day and local organizations feature Latinx artists

The Latin American Hispanic Student Organization (LAHSO), a Harvard-Westlake (HW) Middle School club, organized an art event where students were given drawing materials, and visual arts teacher Flavia Zuñiga-West discussed Latinx artists. “My favorite part of art day was seeing how many people from the community came to join us,” LAHSO member Sophia Rascoff ’23

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HW tackles drug education similarly to other LA private schools

Harvard-Westlake (HW) combines multiple strategies such as health classes, advisory, and FCD (Freedom from Chemical Dependency) to combat student drug use, some of which other Los Angeles private schools also utilize. In seventh grade, students have advisory once per cycle during their lunch period where they learn about different issues that affect their life, sometimes

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