Author: Karen Wu

HW tackles drug education similarly to other LA private schools

Harvard-Westlake (HW) combines multiple strategies such as health classes, advisory, and FCD (Freedom from Chemical Dependency) to combat student drug use, some of which other Los Angeles private schools also utilize. In seventh grade, students have advisory once per cycle during their lunch period where they learn about different issues that affect their life, sometimes

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MS Winter Concert : The Magic of Music

Harvard-Westlake (HW) Beginning Band, Concert Band, Beginning Strings, Concert Strings, Symphonic Band, and Middle School (MS) Symphony performed at the winter instrumental concert “The Magic of Music” on Friday, December 13. Performing arts teacher Starr Wayne conducted Beginning Band, Concert Band, and Symphonic band, while performing arts teacher Neli Nikolaeva conducted Beginning Strings and Concert

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Andrew Yang attends fundraising event hosted by HW family

Andrew Yang, a Democrat presidential candidate, attended an intimate fundraising event hosted by Harvard-Westlake (HW) parent Rachel Yang at her family’s home. There are 20 Democrats running for president in 2020. Of those, five are women and three (Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris and Andrew Yang) are Asian American Pacific Islanders. “I’m thrilled that the candidates

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