Author: jason-morganbesser

Political Personalism: How it Illuminates the Failures of Campaigning

Political campaigning is often galvanized around not parties or ideas but individual candidates. The popularity of personalization as a campaigning strategy is not surprising, as most people are more easily attracted to a person than an idea. Just as celebrities are used in marketing to sell products, charismatic politicians are frequently used to sell ideas.

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‘The Favourite’ impresses audiences

“The Favourite,” with its pitch-black humor, stylized cinematography, and aggressively cerebral mood and plot, is both a beauty and challenge to watch. For any other director, this movie would be an offbeat departure, shocking for its weirdness. However, for Yorgos Lanthimos, “The Favourite” is surprising for the opposite reason – it is actually shockingly ordinary

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We need to change the American political system

The American political system is one of the most unrepresentative in the democratic world; in the latest Presidential election, despite how incredibly contentious it was, only 55 percent of the population voted. The November 2018 midterms showed even more apathy among Americans, with only 50.1 percent, a scant majority, having voted for their representative in

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