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India: a Nation That Isn’t Breathing

William Liu | May 12, 2021

While the U.S. reached a point where almost every person above the age of 16 is eligible to be vaccinated, other countries aren’t doing as well. A deadly second wave of infections has recently hit...

Photo credit: Twitter

A Trump Without Twitter: How Social Media Changed Politics

William Liu | April 29, 2021

Twitter was Donald Trump’s favorite instrument for spreading his ideas. It only seems like yesterday when Mr. Trump would buzz through your twitter feed in all-caps dictating his opinion across the...

What Chinese Hegemony Really Means

What Chinese Hegemony Really Means

William Liu | March 26, 2021

Martin Jacques, a columnist for the Guardian, said in a TED Talk, “For the first time in the modern era, the dominant country in the world will be that of a developing country, and not a developed country.”...

Perseverances sky-crane stage. Photo credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

Seven Minutes of Terror: The Landing of Perseverance on Mars

William Liu | March 25, 2021

NASA’s rover, named Perseverance, touched down on the surface of Mars Feb. 18, a remarkable feat that wowed more than 40 million people across the globe and moved mankind one step closer towards...

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