Volume 30



The Israeli Election and the End of Policy Politics

Jason Morganbesser | May 29, 2019

Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters won the recent Israeli parliamentary election amid allegations of corruption, increasing radicalization and an opposition party led by three senior generals. It would...

Joe Biden and the normalization of sexual assault allegations

Jason Morganbesser | May 28, 2019

Former vice president and possible presidential candidate Joe Biden was accused of sexual misconduct on March 29. Despite speculation to the contrary, Biden’s campaign has endured while sustaining...

“Us” and the Nature of Fear

Jason Morganbesser | May 3, 2019

“Us,” a horror-comedy with undertones of societal commentary, is an archetypal film for its director, Jordan Peele. Embodying both his strengths and weaknesses, “Us” reveals Peele...

Political Personalism: How it Illuminates the Failures of Campaigning

Jason Morganbesser | March 22, 2019

Political campaigning is often galvanized around not parties or ideas but individual candidates. The popularity of personalization as a campaigning strategy is not surprising, as most people are more easily...

Substance abuse specialists visit Harvard-Westlake

Jason Morganbesser | February 5, 2019

Drug specialists from Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD) visited ninth grade students to talk to them about the damage caused from drug use and prevention strategies from Jan. 7 to 11. These lessons...

Benjamin Netanyahu calls a snap election

Jason Morganbesser | February 5, 2019

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has called a snap election for April 9, in the midst of a concurrent corruption investigation into the Prime Minister's personal affairs. The investigation was...

If Beale Street Could Talk: How adaptations can destroy a story

Jason Morganbesser | February 5, 2019

"If Beale Street Could Talk," based on the book by James Baldwin, exemplifies the pitfalls of director Barry Jenkins’ literary, sprawling directorial style. Even with his great passion and purpose,...

Harvard-Westlake boys’ Freshman basketball team wins game against Loyola

Jason Morganbesser | February 5, 2019

Harvard Westlake (HW) freshman boys' basketball team competed against Loyola on Friday the 11th. HW won with a score of 64-57. This makes their season win-loss record 14-5. The game was packed with fans...

‘The Favourite’ impresses audiences

Jason Morganbesser | December 21, 2018

“The Favourite,” with its pitch-black humor, stylized cinematography, and aggressively cerebral mood and plot, is both a beauty and challenge to watch. For any other director, this movie would...

We need to change the American political system

Jason Morganbesser | December 21, 2018

The American political system is one of the most unrepresentative in the democratic world; in the latest Presidential election, despite how incredibly contentious it was, only 55 percent of the population...

The Spurt of Populism – And How We Can Deal With It

Jason Morganbesser | November 29, 2018

Right-wing populism is on the rise around the world and it shows no signs of stopping. In France, the National Rally (RN) has risen from a fringe Holocaust-denying party to the largest component of France’s...

A Star is Born and The Bread Factory

Jason Morganbesser | November 29, 2018

“The Bread Factory,” directed by Patrick Wang, acts as an extremely original experience. It is a mix of an introspective European arthouse film and a humble screwball comedy celebrating small-town...

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