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The Rising Wave of Gun Violence

Kelsey Kim | June 3, 2021

The rise of gun violence in the past few years has increased drastically, according to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA). As our focus starts to shift away from the COVID-19 pandemic, we can look towards...

The Benefits of Thrifting

The Benefits of Thrifting

Kelsey Kim | April 29, 2021

Thrifting has become the latest trend amongst a variety of people, and it has many perks that reel in a multitude of customers. Whether you thrift for environmental reasons, or simply want a unique outfit,...

Covid Vaccines are Coming, But What About Kids?

Covid Vaccines are Coming, But What About Kids?

Kelsey Kim | March 25, 2021

As the United States and several countries around the world roll out the vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, many are wondering about the development of vaccines for minors. According...

Phil Bray

“The Queen’s Gambit”: Bringing Back Chess

Kelsey Kim | February 25, 2021

As soon as “The Queen’s Gambit” aired on Netflix, it became an immediate hit, captivating viewers with its alluring cinematography, characters and storyline. The show follows Beth Harmon,...

Brandon Bernard
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Uproar and Controversy Over the Death Penalty

Kelsey Kim | January 13, 2021

The use of capital punishment in the United States, otherwise known as death penalty, is the state-sanctioned execution of a federal or state criminal offender. In recent years, the death penalty has become...

Online Learning From the Teachers Point of View

Online Learning From the Teachers’ Point of View

Kelsey Kim | December 18, 2020

Over the past nine months, every student at Harvard Westlake (HW), and schools all across the country, have become accustomed to online learning, but we may have never really paused and considered what...

Procrastination: Why We Do It & How To Avoid It

Procrastination: Why We Do It & How To Avoid It

Kelsey Kim | November 17, 2020

Do you ever feel as if it’s physically impossible to start that English paper? Or do the first problem on your math homework? If so, you’re not alone. Everyone deals with the weight of procrastination...

How Covid-19 is Disproportionately Affecting People of Color

How Covid-19 is Disproportionately Affecting People of Color

Kelsey Kim | October 6, 2020

As the deadly COVID-19 runs rampant in our country, our continent and our world, billions of people are being affected, but none more so than people of color. People of color are hit especially hard, particularly...

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