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You Season 2 : A big budget soap opera

“You” Season 2 : A big budget soap opera

Harry Tarses | January 17, 2020

In its second season, Netflix’s “You” expands on its story in a pretty big way, managing to be wildly entertaining but at the expense of its high quality. Though not at all bad, the second season...

Complex - Lana Del Rey by Joseph Gerardi, Timothy Saccenti is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Norman F*****g Rockwell is nearly flawless

Harry Tarses | November 2, 2019

Lana Del Rey has composed a beautiful, powerful and emotionally provocative record, that could very well be her most impressive so far. “Norman F*****g Rockwell” is Del Rey’s fifth studio album...

Remembering the Emmys, because we know you forgot

Remembering the Emmys, because we know you forgot

Harry Tarses | October 10, 2019

The Emmys, this year, despite having some fun bits, was hostless, and didn't hit its usual mark as a memorable experience. Even with the great competition, it somehow didn’t manage to have the same...

“Battle Royale” 20 years later: The creation of a genre

Harry Tarses | May 29, 2019

“Survival of the Fittest:” a phrase to excite. Something about the best rising to the top by any means, usually violent, has fascinated people for ages. Perhaps it’s a primal instinct...

Rating rating websites and the importance of opinion in the digital age.

Harry Tarses | May 3, 2019

Harry: Nowadays, there is an almost constant stream of creative products designed to entertain us. With the advent of the internet and social media, thousands of sites have emerged to review and rate sources...

Professional Hip-Hop Dancer Visits HW

Harry Tarses | March 22, 2019

Harvard Westlake (HW) dance students were introduced to a new form of their art: hip hop. Harry Weston, a professional dancer, served as the students’ mentor and not only taught them an important...

Goodbye, Fortnite

Harry Tarses | March 22, 2019

Fortnite, a Battle Royale video game has been sweeping the nation and gaining extreme relevance for the last year and a half, but finally, after 19 months of insane success, Fortnite is declining. The...

Netflix’s “You”: A Complicated Commentary

Harry Tarses | March 22, 2019

“You” is a great Netflix-Affiliated thriller that follows a troubled man as he stalks an aspiring young writer. The show is a complicated yet interesting look at the mind of this deranged person....

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