The Fashion Basics


Julia Im

Fashion, more than just pieces of fabric sewn together, is one of the easiest ways for one to express oneself. The constantly changing fashion trends may seem overwhelming, but don’t fret! It should instead be taken as an opportunity to wear whatever makes you feel good. Despite having a very shallow reputation, because of fashion’s large spectrum, it can be repurposed to anything the wearer decides. Of all the recent trends, here are my personal favorites.

  1. Sheer maxi skirts – Layering long, flowy skirts over mini skirts is a flattering way to mix the old with the new. This (very comfortable) look is a great way to ~ run with the wind ~ without losing your silhouette.
Zendaya wearing this look with a formal twist:
  1. Collared shirt – Despite being as loose as a t-shirt, collared shirts make you look put together without too much effort. The collar can act as an accessory and make a seemingly simple outfit have layers. A great bonus to coordinating outfits is finding one color (i.e. the sheer pink skirt) and matching it with another piece of clothing (the pink polo). Here is one look: 

Of course, these few trends don’t have to be put all together- fashion conveniently allows anyone to mix match looks together to create entirely different styles.

Julia Im ’23