Review of Alfred’s Coffee

Estee Eidinger

If you love coffee, Alfred’s Coffee is the spot for you! With seven locations spread throughout Los Angeles, Alfred’s Coffee is a hip and tasty place that is perfect for a quick coffee run or outing with friends. The shop is small and homey, and it smells of freshly brewed coffee and pastries. There is a variety of drinks one can order at Alfred’s, such as espressos, lattes, teas or hot chocolate. They have many pastries to order as well, including multiple types of croissants, muffins and cookies.

When I was there, I ordered an iced almond milk latte and a regular croissant for a total of eight dollars. The latte had the perfect amount of almond milk, so the bitter coffee taste was just right. It was milky with a strong taste of coffee, and it is now one of the best coffees I i’ve ever had. The croissant was fantastic as well, as they were flaky and buttery with a slight taste of chewiness. There was a short line, and my coffee and croissant were handed to me almost instantly after I ordered them.

The menu is written in white paint against a green wall, giving Alfred’s an industrial and rustic vibe. One wall of the store is covered in green tiles with pots of plants hanging from the shelves, and the other two are plastered with black and white tiles in diagonal lines. The ceiling has a floral pattern, and touches of gold are exhibited by the light fixtures. Overall, Alfred’s was a quick but pleasant experience, and I highly recommend going there.