Jinya Ramen is a flavorful experience

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Jinya is one of my favorite ramen restaurants in Los Angeles, as it perfects flavorful ramen dishes with fast service. Jinya has several locations in Los Angeles, including Studio City, Santa Monica and Burbank. The menu features a wide variety of appetizers and ramen, including vegan and gluten free options as well. Some of the most popular appetizers include the pork gyoza, spicy shrimp tempura and tempura brussels sprouts. The waiter also said that some of the most popular ramen dishes are the spicy chicken ramen and “sprouting up” ramen, which is made using a brussels sprout broth.

Once you enter Jinya, you hear the loud pop music coming from the speakers and the sizzling of cooking meat. The interior of the Studio City restaurant is cozy yet modern, with wood walls and unique lighting fixtures. Something that adds to the experience at Jinya is being greeted by all of the servers and chefs in Japanese- this really makes you feel welcome and cared for.

The service is quite fast- I received my appetizer within just a few minutes of ordering my food. I ordered the shrimp tempura appetizer and the chicken ramen with thick noodles. If I were to make a recommendation to anyone looking to go to Jinya, it would be to substitute the regular noodles for the thick udon-style noodles. These are much more chewy and pair very well with the flavorful broth.

My ramen was very tasty as well- it had a savory broth, with a mix of spicy, tangy, and salty flavors. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the crispy onions and spinach worked very well with the broth. Overall, Jinya is a phenomenal ramen restaurant in Los Angeles and is the perfect rainy day meal.

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