Month: December 2018

Winter instrumental concert kicks off the holiday season

Students performed in the yearly winter instrumental concert, “Festive Light” on Dec. 7 in the Saperstein Theater. The Beginning Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Beginning Strings, Concert Strings and Middle School Symphony ensembles performed their repertoire. These six groups were conducted by Emily Reola and Starr Wayne. “I think it was a really fun concert.

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Students experience varying levels of stress at HW

Harvard-Westlake students appear to experience constant stress. According to a recent survey, the 231 student respondents expressed how their school work and extracurriculars effects them and how they best deal with it. When asked how constantly they feel stressed, 55.7 percent of respondents found themselves under stress daily, and 28.1 percent found themselves under stress

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‘The Favourite’ impresses audiences

“The Favourite,” with its pitch-black humor, stylized cinematography, and aggressively cerebral mood and plot, is both a beauty and challenge to watch. For any other director, this movie would be an offbeat departure, shocking for its weirdness. However, for Yorgos Lanthimos, “The Favourite” is surprising for the opposite reason – it is actually shockingly ordinary

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