FCD counselors speak to students about drug and alcohol abuse

By Khyra Stiner ’21

Counselors from Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD) spoke to ninth grade English and biology classes the week of Jan. 2. Each biology and English class was assigned to one of three visiting members. FCD replaced ninth grade biology classes on Wednesday and Friday and replaced English classes on Tuesday and Thursday. The visit was planned by Middle School Chaplain Emily Feigenson.

FCD is a nonprofit organization in which all of the counselors have a history of substance abuse. They are now working with students to prevent others from going through the same experience.

During FCD periods, counselors answered students’ questions about substances and told their own personal stories. English and biology teachers were not permitted into the classroom during Freedom from Chemical Dependency to provide a safe space for students.

“I think that FCD was a good idea because it informs us about the things that we need to know about the drugs that we may or may not decide to use,” Chandace Apacanis ’21 said.

The visit from FCD counselors was to provide education for ninth grade students about the use of substances and to further promote safety regarding drug and alcohol abuse.

“The goal of having Freedom from Chemical Dependency educators come is to give ninth graders a solid block of time to ask questions about substances and to receive thoughtful instructions about substances, issues of safety and of risk so that we can support good decisions about using drugs,” Feigenson said.


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