JigSaw makes you jump

By Madi Massey ’21

“Jigsaw,” the eighth movie in the “Saw” series which began in 2004, was released on Oct. 27. After taking an approximately seven year planned hiatus, the makers of “Saw” are back with the newest edition to the franchise.

“Jigsaw” is described as a mystery, horror, crime and thriller. Beware: “Jigsaw” is rated R and definitely lives up to its rating, as there is lot of blood depicted throughout the film. It is not a movie targeted towards anyone who can’t handle the scare.

The series centers around the main antagonist, Jigsaw, who dedicates his life to putting his victims through deadly scenarios which he calls “games” and making them decide between harming themselves or the other participants. Although the sadistic serial killer was declared dead in “Saw III,” the name of the new movie suggests that the question of whether or not he is really dead is still on the table.

“Jigsaw” is unquestionably one of the best horror movies out there. It is beautifully written, and there was not a moment in the movie in which everybody in the theater was not on the edge of their seats, ecstatic to learn what would happen next. The way the movie depicts the sliced open face with the jaw still intact is a glorious feature. As is iconic to the series, the plot twist at the end does not disappoint. Overall, “Jigsaw” is a great movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves blood, guts and gore.



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