Find Vegan flavors at Flore

By Olivia Gubel ’21

Flore is an organic vegan restaurant located in Silverlake, an iconic artsy neighborhood in Los Angeles. Located next to a cruelty-free beauty boutique, a health food bar and a vintage record store, it encompasses the true culture of Silverlake.

Flore offers a comprehensive menu, specializing in upscale deli cuisine and creative dishes with various cultural spins. Plates range from $11 to $14 and tend to run on the larger size. Its large selection of dishes makes the restaurant a good choice for any occasion.

Flore’s “The Salad” truly stands out from the rest, featuring mixed greens with tofu egg salad, edamame, roasted beets, shredded carrots, tomato and avocado. While the traditional salad is fine, customers can enhance the experience by ordering it with housemade Thousand Island Dressing and substituting seitan for baked tofu. People in the mood for a sandwich should opt for a tofu egg salad sandwich or the BLTA. For a relaxing weekend brunch, the Blueberry Buckwheat Bliss Pancakes, generously filled with blueberries, are a must. The buckwheat flour gives them an earthy flavor and fluffy texture.

With only about nine tables, Flore offers an intimate and casual ambience and a hospitable staff of waiters and waitresses. Flore is also in an ideal location: it is across the street from Pazzo Gelato, an authentic Italian gelateria offering a unique collection of sorbets, the perfect complement to a satisfying meal at Flore. Overall, Flore provides an intimate dining experience, offering a shabby-chic atmosphere and a new take on comfort food.


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