Boys wrestling vies for victory

By Jane Hamilton

The varsity and junior varsity wrestling teams started off their seasons in December. The teams had a slow start and lost their busiest week of duels before winter break because of the fires, but their hopes and goals are to continue to get better and to qualify as many guys as they can to CIFs, hopefully all 8 of the varsity wrestlers.The varsity team practices five days a week and competes in tournaments on weekends. The teams mainly compete in individual matches which do not show up on the team’s record.  “My favorite part of coaching are the correlations between wrestling and real life and how they can teach real lessons without the cost of real life consequences,” Coach Cartmill said. Several varsity and junior varsity wrestlers also compete on the football team because wrestling helps football players get used to having low leverage. Similar to football, most junior varsity wrestlers compete on the level varsity. The two squads have a combined total of twelve wrestlers.When asked about any notable players, Cartmill replied, “Everybody they’re all important because they show up every day and work hard.”The middle school team practices four days a week and competes in matches on weekdays as well. The squad is composed of around 20 wrestlers, double the amount of wrestlers they had last year.  “Though we lost our first meet, we understand what we could do better and have high hopes for the rest of the season,” Billy Johnson ‘22 said.The team has competed in several Delphic League matches this season and will hopefully compete in the Delphic League Finals on Feb. 3.   “My favorite part of competing on the wrestling team is the team spirit. During our matches, everyone is on the edge of their seat screaming for their teammates,” Johnson said. “I remember, in 7th grade, we had wrestling for PE. Coach gave a really motivating speech and I was looking for a chance to try something new. I found that chance in wrestling,” Johnson said when asked what has motivation for joining the team was. As for anyone interested in joining the team Johnson said, “I think they should definitely join the team because wrestling is great for you, mentally and physically.”


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