Goddard becomes interim seventh grade dean


Interim seventh grade dean Vicki Goddard.

By Celine Park ’21

Former Community and Work Service Coordinator Vicki Goddard ‘60 has returned to the Middle School in order to serve as an interim seventh grade dean. The school asked her last spring to return after retiring a year ago to temporarily replace dean Kate Benton as she is currently undergoing medical treatment. Goddard’s office is located in the same place as Benton’s in the seventh grade lounge, and she is on campus every Thursday and Friday.

Goddard said that part of her job working as a dean is to help the new seventh graders adjust to life at school.

“A lot of what I do is help the kids navigate through a big new world: helping them unlock their lockers, answering their questions and meeting with their parents – things of that sort,” Goddard said.

In her retirement, Goddard has been working at the North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry and taking classes at the OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute for seniors.

Benton said that she is beyond happy that Goddard was chosen to be the interim dean.

“There is no one better to help indoctrinate the new seventh graders than Ms. Goddard. She not only graduated from the Westlake School, she’s taught here for more than 37 years. She understands the traditions and expectations of the school – she’s perfect!” Benton said.

Seventh grade dean Jon Carroll also said that he is very happy about the work that Goddard has done so far.

“It is an amazing gift for the seventh grade class to have Ms. Goddard as a dean. She brings so much experience and is really good about helping kids understand how community service works here in particular,” Carroll said.

Goddard is expected to work on and off at the school alongside Carroll until the end of first quarter and will be attending the yearly retreat.


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