Tyson becomes new science teacher

By Laura Kors ’21

Tyson poses at his desk.

Iain Tyson joined the science department this year, teaching Biology and Integrated Science II classes.

Tyson has taught for 27 years across the United States and Europe. He was most recently a faculty member at the Los Angeles International Charter High School in Pasadena and before that the Phantom Valley School in Arizona.

Tyson said he is amazed by the number of resources available to students on campus and that once he settles in, he would like to start a club. Tyson said he also enjoys teaching science.

“[My favorite part about teaching science is] seeing the excitement when students actually understand something they thought they couldn’t or would never understand…. But it’s normally accompanied by a really bright smile of ‘Ah, I get it now, I can do that now’ and that joy of success. That’s what drives me,” Tyson said.

Tyson grew up in a small town outside of Oban in northwest Scotland. When he was 12, he moved south towards Liverpool. He lived in Los Angeles previously and moved back this year to be closer to his daughter and teach at the Middle School. Tyson was a member of the Royal Air Force as a fighter pilot.  Outside of teaching, he listens to hard and progressive rock and watches concerts. His other hobbies include motorcycling, rock climbing and kayaking.

Students said they enjoy his class as well.

“I think he is an amazing teacher with creative teaching styles. He uses day to day information and what’s going on to fit in our curriculum,” biology student Natalie Phillips ’21 said.


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