Izakaya sushi satisfies customers

IMG_1627.JPGMia Feizbakhsh ‘22

Japanese sushi restaurants have opened up in various places around the Los Angeles area, and this one-of-a-kind deluxe sushi is worth customers’ time.  Izaka-ya, by the owners of Katsu-ya, is a smaller, more casual version of Katsu-ya, the original ultimate sushi chain managed by SBE, a company that sought to be known for its food, design and atmosphere.  The Izaka-ya located on 3rd Street in West Hollywood has tons of different sushi.

From the moment one walks through the door, craving some spicy tuna, to when one walks out full of albacore, Izaka-ya is an experience like no other.  Wooden boards with Japanese writing on them adorn the walls, and sections of brick peek out, giving the restaurant a modern yet rustic feel. Behind the sushi bar, there are unique drawings of different fish used in the restaurant.

When it comes to the menu, Izaka-ya has a lot of variety, from sashimi, nigiri and hand rolls to a tender teriyaki chicken.  One of the restaurant’s best sellers is popcorn shrimp, shrimp tempura with an irresistibly delicious creamy sauce. The price ranges from the $2 miso soup to the $29 foie gras on Kobe beef.   On average, cut rolls and hand rolls are from $5 to $15, excluding the Katusya special hand rolls. There are so many delectable options including the restaurant’s favorites and Kobe-burgers for meat lovers.  Overall, Izaka-ya never disappoints.

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