HWFL starts new season at Middle School

By Jaidev Pant ’21

HWFL, also known as the freshmen football league, started its new season on Sept. 5, with a draft taking place on Aug. 31. There are six total teams this year, with one captain per team. It is a six-on-six league, where each team can have one sub. There is one game per break, and the games are usually played on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays on Sprague Field. The league was reactivated this school year after its absence last year. The team captains wanted to keep this ninth grade tradition going, which is why they decided to start the league again. The crowds are large with many people showing up to the games during break.

“The best part is watching the hype crowds and also hyping them up,” Team Chilly player Chase Harleston ’21 said.

The players said they really enjoy playing against each other and with other freshmen.

“My favorite part of HWFL is being able to play in front of all my friends and play with all my friends, and it is really fun. It’s really hype,” Team Chilly Captain Charlie Wang ’21 said.

The team captains do not know how long the league will run for this year. To receive information about the league, follow @hwfl2k17 on Instagram.

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