Dance Production presents original show, ‘Mirror, Mirror’

Members of Dance Production created and participated in this year’s show, “Mirror, Mirror” on Friday and Saturday in the Saperstein Theatre.

The story was a very deconstructed version of “Snow White” and focused on themes such as self image, influence, power, truth and community. The show combined many different forms of dance such as ballet, hip hop and tap.

“We spend the show looking at the Snows and the Shades and how their interactions are affected by one another, and how the Monarchy are sort of oppressing both groups. And, we look at how the Snows are also influencing the Shades so that they can never have their own individuality.  When we come to the finale we see that we are all our own people, and that is something to be celebrated, “ dancer Sophia Nuñez ’20 said.

The dancers agreed on a theme by brainstorming as a group. They combined these ideas to make an original production.

“The concept came out of a big conversation of trying to come up with a central theme. We actually wanted several different themes… Instead of choosing just one of the themes, we tried to find the most interesting way to combine them into an interesting concept,” dance program head Joe Schenck said.

The dancers worked on the production all year, choreographing and rehearsing their pieces since November.

“I think the choreography is very strong. We had a lot of amazing dances, and it got stronger, and we look really good. I think it’s something that takes work and is tiring, but it is definitely worth it,” dancer Claire Wacziarg ’21 said.

Many students and family members attended the show. Audience members said they enjoyed watching the performance.

“It was really inspiring and very well choreographed. Everything I watched was just so mind-blowing and incredible,” India Spencer ’21 said.

Members of Dance Production felt that the show was amazing and that they performed well throughout the show.

“I’m extremely proud of the finished product. We all worked hard to make sure that it was as clean and innovative as possible while still keeping true to ourselves,” Nuñez said.



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