Artists participate in Sand Casting trip

Seven ninth grade students traveled to the Upper School to learn about and practice the art of sand casting on March 2. Since the Middle School does not have a sand casting class, students enrolled in second semester Potter’s Wheel were invited on the trip.

“[Potter’s Wheel students were invited] because they’re ninth graders, and they’re the ones that are closer in age to the 10th and 11th grade courses that are available to them,” Middle School Visual Arts Department Head and trip chaperone Katie Palmer ’98 said.

While at the Upper School, the ninth graders toured the art showcase to see other students’ glass work and art.

“I thought [the showcase] was incredible. The level of talent that was expressed there was really cool,” attendee Jaya Ananda ‘20 said.

Students then observed a sand casting demo by upper school Visual Arts teacher Dylan Palmer. After being taught the basics, the students tried casting their own sculptures of spheres, blocks and imprints of hands and sea shells. After molds of their sculptures were made, melted glass was poured into them to later be cooled down.

After all the students were finished casting their designs, Katie Palmer toured them around the art classrooms and buildings in the upper school campus.

“[I wanted them] to see the facilities up there because I think it’s hard to get a picture of what your life is going to be like in the 10th grade when you’re signing up for your classes, but if you’re actually up there you can get a better sense of what it might be like,” Katie Palmer said.

Katie Palmer said that she is looking forward to the possibility of doing the trip next year, and possibly in multiple sessions so more students can have the opportunity to experience sand casting before their 10th grade year.


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