Eighth, ninth grade students receive Humanitas Award

By Laura Kors ’21
Humanitas recipients accept their certificates and handshakes. Credit: Astor Wu ’20/SPECTRUM

Twenty-eight students will receive Humanitas awards during the second semester. Ninth graders recipients received them during class meetings on March 14, and eighth graders will receive them during a class meeting after spring break. The award encourages students to be active and service their community.

To qualify for the award, students must fill out an application involving an essay, perform 27 hours of community service and complete four hours of volunteer school service. Ninth graders must complete the community service requirement from last January to this January, but eighth graders are given from the beginning of seventh grade to this January.

According to Director of Student Affairs Keith Jordan, the award is meant to validate students for going beyond the school service requirement and taking more action as part of the larger community. It reminds other students who did not receive the awards about the value of service and encourages everyone to think about the world around them.

“I think it is just a good way to kind of reinforce to the students that won that the school takes service seriously, and we think it is important for [students] to have kind of a sense that you are part of a larger community…. It is a good way also as a reminder for other students at the school… you get to see your fellow classmates and friends and people you know be rewarded for having that mentality and think about others and how you can help,” Jordan said.

Students said that they enjoy the process of the awards as well and helping out the community.

“I really like the process of the awards because not only do you get to help out the community in ways that you choose, but you also got the chance to write a little bit about the work and your own personal reflection,” Humanitas award recipient Michael Lehrhoff ‘20 said.

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