Students, deans discuss dress code

By Jane Sidon ’20
A sign in front of the 9th grade locker area reinforces the dress code. Credit: Jessa Glassman ’20/SPECTRUM

Signs spelling out the dress code were posted around the middle school campus on March 20.  The dress code has remained unchanged in the handbook since 1991.  However, according to ninth grade dean Karen Fukushima, the deans felt it needed to be reinforced.

“The signs restate something that is already in place,” Fukushima said.

During seventh grade class meeting on March 16 and ninth grade class meeting on March 22, deans read an email sent by a male teacher concerning his students breaking the dress code as an example of its effects.  Students have said that this is what prompted them to take the matter to social media and write emails to their deans voicing their concerns.

Ninth grade deans sent an email to the class the afternoon after the class meeting, responding to student reactions, clarifying their intentions and offering a chance for conversation.  Fukushima met with ninth graders on Friday and Tuesday during break to discuss students’ opinions of the dress code.  School psychologist Kelly Decker also attended Tuesday’s meeting.

In addition, eighth grade senator Olivia Phelan ’21, who had previously sent an online survey concerning the dress code, joined deans at their dean meeting on Monday to discuss policies.



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