Red Cross Club holds bake sale and food drive

By Sarah Reiff ’20 and Astor Wu ’20

Students and faculty purchased baked goods and donated items for the Red Cross Club’s bake sale and supply drive. The bake sale took place during break on Feb. 28, while the supply drive opened for donations on Feb. 27.

Bins are left outside HC 218 where anyone can drop off supplies such as pots, pans, blankets and more. These items will be given to people inside the Los Angeles area who are in need of everyday essentials.

Students shared their reactions and thoughts on the the drive so far.

“There are definitely a lot of issues in the world and we definitely need to support the Red Cross Club so that they can continue to support those who need help,” Raffaella Rubenstein ’21 said.

At the bake sale, club members sold various baked goods including Rice Krispie treats, cookies and cupcakes. All profits will be donated to the Red Cross Foundation.

Founder and leader of The Red Cross Club, Rachel Brown ’20, talked about her reasons for holding the bake sale and what her goal was.

“The purpose of the bake sale is to donate to the Red Cross and all they do around the world to help those who are less fortunate… I am hoping that not only will we be able to raise money to help the Red Cross and help those in need, but also to raise awareness for what the Red Cross does,” Brown said.

Many students and faculty were aware of the purpose of the bake sale. They shared their overall thoughts about the bake sale and the club as a whole.

“I love the Red Cross… I figured that the donation that I made would go towards the Red Cross, and they would distribute it how they saw it appropriate, and I am also going to donate stuff that I have for them that [the club] wanted as far as personal goods. So I can see that it influences and impacts people that do not have as much as us,” Math Department Head Robert Pavich said.

Michael Lehrhoff ’20 talked about how he feels the club impacts students.

“I love how students locally can make an impact through these organizations and help others around the world” Lehrhoff said.


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