Open Mic event to take place

By Jessa Glassman ’20

An open mic, available to all members of the middle school community, will take place outside of the library on Friday during break. The event will be put on with the hopes of having attendees read their own works, pieces of writing they admire or just getting up and speaking.

“Aside from being a cool, community building event, I think open mics in particular are a great chance for students to showcase their writing in a low-key, supportive environment. You don’t have to be an extrovert to read something in front of other people!” Elaine Levia, librarian and event organizer, said.

Since the open mic will be happening on the last day of March, Zachary Greenberg, English teacher and adviser for the Tenth Muse, said that he hopes it will be a perfect start to National Poetry Month in April. Participants will have three minutes to share with the audience, after which they are encouraged to stay and listen to the rest of the event’s attendees.

“I think it will be a fun experiment doing it on the last day of school before spring break when the energy is quirky. Perhaps students will read a little extra poetry over spring break, maybe they’ll be inspired,” Greenberg said.


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