Newest clubs on campus

By Tanisha Gunby ’20

Two new clubs, the Speech Club and the Self Defense Club, were created this

Alex Chon ’21 and Casey Kim ’20 founded the Speech Club, which meets at break on Fridays in HC 220. The purpose of the club is to introduce students to the art of speaking. Chon said that people have a misinterpretation of what it is because they have never given speeches, so by coming to the Speech Club, he wants them to learn about speech. He said that he and Kim had been doing speech before coming to this campus and have been to many tournaments including nationals. Chon and Kim wanted to start a team or club at the Middle School so they could compete in the future.

“Speech is a fun activity that not many people are familiar with. When people start to learn more about it, they realize that it is totally different from their expectations,” Chon said.

According to Self Defense Club founder Tyra Hirooka ’20, the purpose of the club is to teach students how to defend themselves as well as foster a connection between all of the grade levels. She said she got the idea to start this club because she recently achieved a black belt and decided to use it to do something. The club meets every Tuesday at break in the Wrestling Room.

“It’s a space where students can come and learn something interesting, and maybe even make a new friend,” Hirooka said.

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