First Ninth Grade Dance to be held

By Emma Shapiro ’20

Ninth graders will have the opportunity to attend the Freshmen Dance on April 21 in the Marshall Center. At the dance, there will be various entertainment and activities, including a DJ and a photo booth, for attendees to enjoy and participate in. According to Student Council senators, attendees are encouraged to make new friends and strengthen relationships with their peers. Each ninth grader is allowed to bring a guest from any school so long as they are a ninth grader as well.  Every ninth grader is invited to the dance.

“I’m really excited to get the whole grade together and have an event that cumulate our experience at the Middle School. This is our last chance to have a fun experience together as a full grade before we go to the Upper School, and it’s a really great bonding opportunity as well as a fun event,” Ninth grade senator Grace Burton ‘20 said.

The Dance was proposed by the ninth grade senators as a project they have been working on since the beginning of the school year.  According to Burton, the dance proposition succeeded due to Student Council’s perseverance on the idea. Ultimately the Senators this year were successful because they followed through on the proposition and presented Head of Middle School Jon Wimbish with all the details regarding their event.  They are hoping that the ninth grade dance goes perfectly so that it can continue to be a tradition for ninth graders.

“I am excited for the ninth grade dance because it will bring together our entire grade,” Mia Goldstein ‘20 said.



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