Boys’ Tennis works hard to succeed

By Alexandra Mork ’20 and Lauren Nehorai ’20
Tennis team huddles pregame. Credit: Laurence Nehorai ’20/SPECTRUM

The boys’ tennis teams began the season with a strong start and are working to surpass the success they have had in past years.

The varsity team currently has a 12-0 overall record and a 5-0 league record as of press time. The team’s most recent match was a 16-2 win against Crespi High School on Monday.  They are working hard to achieve their ultimate goal of taking home the Division 1 CIF title.

17-year program head Chris Simpson said he has high hopes for the season and is confident in the team’s ability to remain the number one seed.

“My seniors and juniors came in firing, plus the freshman are so talented, it makes for a perfect recipe. The key is that we need to keep pushing forward and not stop here,” Simpson said.

Practicing four days a week for two hours as a team, players are dedicated to achieving their high aspirations.  They are focused on further improving their individual skills and team bonds after four freshmen have been introduced to the team.

“It is great experience [to be a freshman on the varsity squad] because we get to know the upperclassman and we can learn a lot from them,” Jonah Dickson ‘20 said.

Players competed in the All American National Tournament on Friday and Saturday in which they advanced to the finals. They lost to Palisades High School 3-6, advancing in ranking to second in the nation.

The JV squad is committed to reaching their high aspirations and hopes to further develop their skills in the sport. The team currently has a 4-1 overall record and a 0-0 league record as of press time. They started off the season with a 16-2 win against West Ranch on Feb. 24. However, the team lost 13-5 to their rival, University High School, on Feb. 28.

“I hope to go as far into the season as possible, and if we ever face [University High School] again, it will probably be another close match” Morgan Foster ‘20 said.

The middle school black team has also had a very successful season, with a 4-0 overall and a 0-0 league record as of press time. The squad is focusing on refining skills and preparing for future years of Wolverine tennis.

“We would like to continue what we did last year and continue our winning streak,” Mathew Paul ‘21 said.

The middle school red team has an overall and league record of 0-3. The team’s main goal is to grow their knowledge of tennis and teamwork.

“We have some upcoming matches that we hope to do well in, but our objective is to work hard and improve,” Lucas Grad ’22 said.

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