Wang Flex Space closed indefinitely

By George Philips ’20
A sign in Wang Hall announces that the Flex Space located in front of the eighth grade lounge is closed. Credit: Hannah Mock ’20/SPECTRUM

For the first time since it opened, the eighth grade lounge Flex Space has been closed indefinitely. The Flex Space is an area where students can do homework, study for tests or work on other school related assignments. The space was opened last year with the renovation of Wang hall and is located directly outside of the eighth grade lounge.

Many students use the space daily as a place to focus and collaborate with other students. However, the Flex Space has been used inappropriately by many students eating food and being too disruptive in the space that is meant to be quiet. Other students use the space to play video games and watch television shows, which are both against the Honor Code. Due to the misuse of the Flex Space, eighth grade deans Colby Plath and Betsy Ilg decided to close the space, since they believed the students were not mature enough to use it properly.

Many students are upset with the current state of the eighth grade lounge, and they believe that the Flex Space should not be closed to everyone. Eighth grade student Hayley Rothbart expressed her dissatisfaction over the closing of the Flex Space.

“I think it is unfair to close the Flex Space due to a few students misusing it since it punishes everyone, even those who respect the rules. It also causes traffic in the lounge, and the lounge area is much smaller than it was,” Rothbart said.

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