Freshmen hold March Madness pool

By Will Mallory ’20

Members of the ninth grade class have been participating in an ESPN pool for the 2017 NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The pool, led by commissioner Graham Berger-Sacks ’20, was created to establish a friendly rivalry as the brackets unfold.

Commonly known as “March Madness,” the NCAA tournament is a selected group of 64 college teams that face off in March and April for the national title. Millions of people every year select which teams will win each matchup. Berger-Sacks said he wanted to bring the competition to the ninth grade class.

“I created the March Madness pool because I wanted all of us to have a fun experience and enjoy basketball while taking away from the stresses of school,” Berger-Sacks said.

The “perfect bracket” is nearly impossible; the odds are one in over nine quintillion. However, this hasn’t stopped people from trying. Worldwide, no brackets remained perfect after the Round of 32. In the school’s pool, the perfect bracket was ended on just the second day.

“I love March Madness. It’s so fun to follow the games and compete with my friends. It is such a good way to bring everyone together for a friendly competition,” Grace Burton ’20, currently in first place as of press time, said.

The first place winner is presented with a large trophy called the Stevea, named after the comedy TV show “The League, while last place is given the honor of accepting the Thomas Award, which is a toilet-shaped trophy named after Mike Thomas ’20 and his history of poor brackets.

“It’s all fun and games. I hope all ninth-graders are having a good time,” Berger-Sacks said.

The Final Four games begin Saturday with North Carolina, Oregon, Gonzaga and South Carolina competing for a spot in the national championship game on April 3.


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