Community observes Ash Wednesday

By Noah Aire ’20

Members of the middle school community observed the Ash Wednesday service on March 1. Around 40 faculty members and students attended the event to mark the beginning of the Lenten Season. The observance has taken place for over 20 years and was organized by school chaplains Father James Young and Rabbi Emily Feigenson. Young, who officiated the service, said that he was grateful for the number of students that were able to attend.

“It is simply a nice convenience for those who would otherwise need to go to church before or after school. I also think it is a good idea for all human beings to occasionally pause and take a mental inventory of who they are versus who they want to be,” Young said.

The service started with Young reading a gospel passage from the Ash Wednesday packet that was handed out. The students then repeated half of a hymn after Young. The service concluded with students receiving ashes and a closing blessing.

According to Eve Hookstratten ’20, the service was an accessible way to connect with her spirituality at school.

“I think it was very beneficial to anybody who is Christian that wanted to go because I think that we all got a lot out of it,” Hookstratten said.

Abraham Gallardo ’20 said that he felt that the service helped him get closer to balancing his academic and spiritual life.

“Personally, my religious life and my educational life have had sacrifices on both ends, so having this option to practice my faith while not taking away my educational time has been beneficial,” Gallardo said.


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